Over the years we have worked with all of the biggest names and the most prominent and important artists and galleries in Cornwall.

Tate St Ives
Penlee House Gallery
Newlyn Art Gallery
Falmouth Art Gallery
The Exchange
Royal Cornwall Museum
The Painting Foundation
Beaux Arts
Falmouth Art Gallery
The Millennium Gallery
Wills Lane Gallery

Trevor Bell
Terry Frost
Kurt Jackson
Lisa Wright
Anthony Frost
Paul Mount
Morrag Ballard
Tim Shaw
Clive Blackmore
Daryl Waller
Nicola Bealing
Anthony Bryant
David Andrew
Jeremy Annear
Francis Hewlitt
Sax Impey
Judy Buxton
Marie Claire Hamon
Richard Nott
Zoe Cameron
Mark Nichols
Richard Ballinger
Mark Surridge
Matt Mc Ivor
Paul Fry
Henry Garfit
Mark Spray
Ben Allen
Susanna Bauer
Sue Bleakley
Chris Billington
Ken Gill
Simon Williams